Thursday, February 24, 2011

What on earth is a production plan??

1) The production plan is a written document that willl outline your strategy for completing and managing your project. This should consist of

a) Your envisaged production pipeline - this could be like a written or diagramatic flowchart showing how you take the material you will develop in pre-production and make it into your film.

So you should rationalise what has to be done overall (this is where you identify what approach to animation you will be taking and what tasks are required) and then sort out your own logic as to what should be done first, then second or in parrallel. Some tasks will depend on other tasks before they can start, some won't.

b) A kind of Gantt chart that forms a chronological production schedule

2) A data management strategy;
- Where are you storing all of the physical (paper etc) or digital information that you produce for your project?
- How are you organising your physical (paper etc) or digital information so that it can be easily and RELIABLY found
- How are you keeping it in good condition and protecting all of the physical (paper etc) or digital information.

3) Back up plan.
You should propose how you intend to prepare to survive the worst case scenario.
This could simply mean that you have one or two backup hard-drives that you copy your work to at the end of every session, or that you scan all of your paper drawings at the end of every session. A session may be every day or week, it just depends on how much you are prepared to lose. Try to describe the realistic kinds of disasters that can occur and how you would be prepared for them, eg. virus outbreak, drink bottle explodes in bag, theft/burglary, fire, be really paranoid then think of a strategy that would overcome each scenario.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Student Forms

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